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Now and then I appear in the local news show Avondgasten. View my appearances below (in Dutch)

15 June 2016: How intelligent are other animals? A discussion with Mark Post inspired by the most recent book of Frans de Waal. Watch here!


18 May 2016: A White Stork dumping chicks out of the nest and endangered species, a mixed bag. Watch here!


4 May 2016: Why would you ever sit again? Here I talk about my Education That Moves You project. Watch here!


16 March 2016: Why do organisms have sex? Not as easily explained as you might think! Watch here!


8 December 2015: Do you grind your teeth? Our students have found a way to find out! Watch here!


30 September 2015: Can students only be found in the pub, I don't think so! I take them out into nature during my Limburg Landscape course. Watch here!


15 April 2015: Neonicotinoids are more dangerous to bees and other insects than previously thought. What does this mean for us? Watch here!


21 January 2015: Neanderthals have lived around Maastricht some 200.000 years ago. What kind of humans were they? Watch here (complete show, my item starts at 25.14m)


11 December 2014: discovering new plant species om the tropics. Watch here!


22 May 2014: more and more deformations are found in amphibians. Why an how? Watch here!


7 April 2014: ticks are sometimes dangerous but what can you do about them? Watch here (complete show, my item starts at 36.40m)